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Sex & Wellness 101

Sexual wellness had one of the best glow-ups of 2018!The panel will discuss how to upgrade your sexual health, the need to normalize this conversation, and how we can shape the future of sexual wellness before social media does it for us.

When: March 16th, 2019, 12pm - 3pm

Venue: CIC Philadelphia  3675 Market St, Philadelphia PA 19104

Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they) LCSW MEd is a superfat queer non-binary South Asian clinical social worker, specialized in treating sexual trauma, body image issues, racial or immigrant identity issues, while offering fat and body positive sexual healthcare. Sonalee recently co-opened a small private practice in West Philadelphia called Radical Therapy Center

Mother, Entrepreneur, and Dance Choreographer emerging out of the millennial spirit of entrepreneurship. Building her business during this powerful movement by way of sensual dance workshops that express sensuality, self-love and sisterhood


Dancing has not only helped her grow into a more confident butterfly, but it has given her the opportunity to empower, uplift, and grow with other women on their sensual, spiritual journey too.


 Her mission is to aspire and teach women worldwide about connecting the  Mind, Body, Spirit through Sensuality (Divine Femininity). Providing a safe space for them to express and heal themselves by introducing Meditation, Holistic Alternatives, Sensual Yoganic Flows, Heels Dance, and much more!

Rachael Rose is a disabled and chronically ill educator, writer, and speaker whose work focuses on sexuality, sexual health, and the intersections of chronic illness, disability, and sex. Her own experiences with chronic illness inspired her to start her website,, to normalize open discussions of sexuality and chronic illness and act as a resource for others. Rachael believes that providing inclusive, sex-positive, and pleasure-focused sex education is essential to teaching people how to advocate for their sexual health and the sex lives they want. Rachael is also a cohost of Glittergasm, a Philadelphia-area "choose-your-own-adventure"-style play party for trans women, cis women, and nonbinary folks. 


You can learn more about her work at or follow her on Twitter @hedonish, and you can learn more about Glittergasm at

Shadeen Francis, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist, professor, and author specializing in sex therapy and social justice. She has been featured as a relationship expert on over 30 media platforms (including 6abc, the New York Times, NBC, and The Huffington Post), and speaks internationally on topics like sexual self-esteem, intimacy, and relationship negotiation. 


Shadeen’s belief is that the world is built on the strengths of communities. This worldview has propelled her to focus on underserved populations: ethnic and cultural minorities, the kinky/poly/queer communities, and victims of economic hardship. Her work allows people of all backgrounds to improve their relationships and live in peace and pleasure.

Francisco Cortes is an LGBTQ and Immigrant rights community advocate. A proud Mexican immigrant and gay Philadelphian, Francisco is currently the Interim Executive Director of Galaei, a queer Latinx social justice organization in Philadelphia. Francisco is a graduate of Temple University where he studied psychology with an LGBTQ studies concentration. 


As the youngest appointed commissioner to the Mayors Office of LGBT Affairs, Francisco supports the office in identifying the needs of marginalized LGBTQ Philadelphians and advocate for effective ways to distribute city resources to those most in need. 


Francisco is a locally and nationally published community advocate passionate about queer and trans, Latinx and Black youth empowerment and utilizes his platform to create and support initiatives that fuel youth leadership development


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