The Sex Exchange are sexual wellness events for attendees to explore the complex subject of sexuality through shame free, pleasure centered conversations. The ultimate goal is to help participants create a more pleasurable and healthy relationship with their own bodies and their partner(s) through verbal exchanges and interactive activities. We want everyone to feel empowered regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender identity.

The negative messages we internalize about sex throughout our lives can begin to take a toll. Feelings such as disempowerment, shame, anxiety, and negativity keep people — especially those in marginalized groups — down in a wide-reaching way. Through the exchange of  information and stories we can begin to reclaim our narrative. The Sex Exchange focuses on normalizing sexual liberation and pleasure as basic human rights.

"When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between the ears". - Dr. Ruth 

Who's behind the sex Exchange?

Janielle Bryan is a sexuality educator, women's & femme's health advocate, and content creator. Janielle has taught sexuality education in the Philadelphia area for over 5 years. She holds a B.S in Public Health from Temple University. Janielle recently graduated with her MPH at Drexel University where she was doing research in sexual health and health disparities. Her current projects include working as a reproductive health facilitator at PHMC and Widener University, working on the social media team for Cycles and Sex and volunteering with Planned Parenthood. She's passionate about everyone having access to inclusive, comprehensive, and empowering sex education. 

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